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Cristiano Ronaldo: Transfer, PSG free to recruit him

In the columns of the Parisian, the manager of the Financial Fair play of UEFA announced that the PSG will have all the leeway necessary to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo.

A few days ago, we gave you the hypothesis of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo go to PSG because of Lionel Messi. A hypothesis to be taken with tweezers since the Portuguese international should not leave Real Madrid before a long time, question of prestige. However, it is important to note that the rumour does not fade, especially since the French champion has all the financial arguments to convince any star to join him. Of course, the Chimera Cristiano Ronaldo remains the favorite fantasy of the Parisian leaders. Today in the Parisian, Andrea Traverso, responsible for the financial fair play of UEFA, clarified that the PSG had total financial freedom to try to recruit the triple gold ball.

Free from the constraints of Financial fair play since the establishment of the new regulation in June, the PSG will therefore have no worries about any sanctions regarding the exorbitant price that the transfer could cost. Obviously, commercial profits have become a weight argument: “PSG can recruit Cristiano Ronaldo, even without signing a voluntary agreement.” “If the MTP does this, it is because the club believes it will get a return on investment and revenue that will compensate for the amortization of the transfer and the player’s salary.” Knowing this, the PSG will not hesitate to approach Real Madrid to take the temperature during the next summer Mercato. And when we know that Cristiano Ronaldo has problems in Real Madrid with Navas, or even Benitez, the PSG could enjoy it. Will PSG be able to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid?

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