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Cristiano Ronaldo: Transfer, he confesses that he could leave Real Madrid!

Cristiano Ronaldo maintains the mystery about his future. While speculation about his future at PSG are on the canvas, CR7 did not rule out the possibility of wearing the Francilien jersey one day.

Real Madrid’s flagship Attraction, and idol of all Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo does not however unanimously when it comes to his next transfer. If it happens, of course. For when we question him about the turn that his career will take in the next few seasons, CR7 does not reassure the public in Madrid. On the contrary. He treasured the suspense with vague answers, as in his last interview given to the German media kicker. Melty tells you more.
Flying to the French Capital One day? “Why not?”, enlightened the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid. “For the moment, I play Real Madrid but you never know.” You have to do what makes you happy. “No one knows what will happen tomorrow.” The suspense remains whole, especially as last night, after the frustrating defeat of PSG against Real Madrid in the Champions League (1-0), the Portuguese came to speak in the ear of Laurent Blanc at the end of the match. Little confab between future colleagues? Well advised one who can answer that. Also discover why Keylor Navas would have a problem with Cristiano Ronaldo in the ranks of Real Madrid. What do you think about CR7?

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