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Cristiano Ronaldo: The Real will let him go to PSG, on one condition.

Real Madrid seems willing to sell Cristiano Ronaldo but not to any condition. In addition to the millions, Real requires one of the best Parisian players.

Real Madrid seems to have made itself clear that its chances of keeping Cristiano Ronaldo dwindle from day to day. “We’ll just remember the two most recent events, starting with this backed brace from Ronaldo to Laurent Blanc and those words slipped in his ear,” “I would love to work with you”, then the ultimatum launched by Ronaldo to Florentino Perez after the humiliating defeat of his club in front of Barca: “It’s him or me” speaking of his coach Rafa bless. The days of Ronaldo in Real Madrid seem therefore counted, which led the Spanish leaders to think seriously about the clauses of a possible transfer. In addition to the monetary question, the latest news 140 million euros would be enough, the Real would also like to put Marco Verratti in play. Still looking for galactic, Real sees in Italian the new nugget that will mark his generation by his talent.

If Verratti was announced on the start, it is hard to believe that the PSG would let him go like this, especially for a player, all Cristiano is he, 31 years in 2016, and therefore not an element of the future. The only player able to compensate for the departure of Verratti is Paul Pogba, although this one, despite his delicate start of the season is promised to Fc Barcelona. Real Madrid counts on Verratti and the Italian would be, no doubt, a reinforcement of weight for this real post-Ronaldo. Rugged defender and Overhander, Italian is very valuable in midfield. The fans of the Real as for them may try to retain their favorite player by singing the song “Stay” of Rihanna, whose Portuguese is an admirer. At this point they have nothing left to lose. Do you think the MTP should let go of Verratti in exchange for Cristiano?

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