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Cristiano Ronaldo launched an ultimatum to Florentino Perez

After the sinking of Real Madrid against Fc Barelone, Cristiano Ronaldo did not conceal his anger and did not hesitate to launch an ultimatum to his president.
Last week, Melty was talking about Ronaldo’s surprise visit in the office of his president Florentino Perez to complain about Rafael bless. If some days ago Ronaldo adopted a courteous attitude, this time he no longer holds. And the defeat of Madrid 4 to 0 against Fc Barcelona yesterday certainly did not fix things. According to the Gazzetta Dello Sport, Cristiano handed over a diaper and made a real ultimatum to his President: “It is either bless or me,” Portuguese has never been so clear and determined, to the point of putting its future at Real in play. Don’t panic, the courtiers jostle the gate to lure the Prodigy of Madeira. Starting with the PSG that seems to hold the rope, and which has a great advantage, Ronaldo enjoys white. On the side of Real Madrid nothing goes. Bless does not succeed in creating a good atmosphere in the locker room, and Ronaldo is not the only one to complain about it. James Rodriguez and more recently Sergio Ramos have lamented the methods of management of bless.

Florentino Perez finds himself faced with a choice dilemma: Vire bless to keep Ronaldo, knowing that at this point, there is no guarantee that Ronaldo will remain even without the Spanish coach, or keep bless, who is in turmoil, and let Ronaldo go-anyway on the start-at the risk of attracting the lightnings of real fans. While the seventh episode of Star Wars is not yet released in the cinema, one can expect a remake of the saga on the Madrid side, with an intergalactic war between the protagonists. A war that will depend on the future of the Real planet and that of the entire football galaxy. Do you think Perez should keep bless the cost?

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