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Cristiano Ronaldo jealous of Messi and his golden balloon?

Without stopping compared, criticized and adored in the same year, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi aspire all comments. But sometimes they are the ones who indulge. The evidence on a tray brought by CR7.

“Don’t say anything, you’ll make your case worse.” As an accused hesitant to defend himself against the court, Cristiano Ronaldo often activates the self-silencer to avoid him some vitriolic articles in the newspapers. Spaniards or not. Because he knows that the slightest insult will be dehulled. The unscrambled anger gesture. Then he forces himself, turning his back on his own personality. On the grounds as well as outside, the Real Madrid star wants to stay focused on her career goals, and dodge the furtive ears of the press. And yet sometimes he opens-in addition to his right foot-his heart. Melty tells you more. Also know that Cristiano Ronaldo had a cold exchange with his president.

“It was complicated to see Messi win several gold balloons,” confessed the captain of the Portuguese selection during an interview with journalists of El Pais, who came to attend the presentation of a documentary about his life. “I was thinking, ‘ What’s the point of going to the gala? ‘” “. While CRI-Cree increases the number of jealous people on the planet each year, the inferiority complex facing the Pulga seems to have touched it. Maybe even in the heart. Also discover the little mystery discussion that took place between Cristiano Ronaldo and Laurent Blanc. What do you think of the jealousy of CR7?

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