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Cristiano Ronaldo has changed well since last season

If Cristiano Ronaldo still dies the screen? Of course, but more for the same reasons. Goal Machine last season, he’s now talking about him for his rants and communication.

It can really happen a lot in a year in the eternal cycle introduced by football. And even the biggest stars in the world of the round ball are not immune to a reversal of situation. While he was able to heal his already stratospheric statistics during the last exercise, by requilling in the axis and by making him speak his effectiveness, Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer in the levitation phase at Real Madrid. It gradually descends on earth, among players with excellent ratios, but not out-of-standard. Melty tells you more. Also know that the director of the film on Cristiano Ronaldo delivered his confessions.

After 15 encounters all competitions combined with its Casa Blanca, and within a few weeks of the end of the first half of the season 2015-2016, CR7 displays a record of 13 achievements. It’s strong, but not enough for the one who accustoms the Merengue supporters and observers to figures from elsewhere. As a comparison, he had already found the nets at 18 times in the same period a year ago, counting only the appearances in La Liga. Often annoyed by the failed passes of his teammates, the Portuguese saw badly his repositioning in the axis in the absence of Benzema. And this is felt in the stats, since it is currently doing its worst start for 5 years (5 goals, 2009-2010). Also find out what the agent of Cristiano Ronaldo thinks of PSG’s rumor. What do you think of the current performance of CR7?

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