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Cristiano Ronaldo attack Rafa Benitez

Cristiano Ronaldo took it Rafael Benitez in the office of his President Florentino Perez.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to start is no more than an undisclosed secret. The Portuguese even allowed himself to declare his love to Laurent Blanc in front of the cameras of the whole world. The main cause of this breakup is the appointment of Rafa Benitez to the head of Real Madrid. Cristiano has always expressed reservations about this appointment, and he even took his head with his coach in front of his teammates. The last episode of this feud was held in the office of President Florentino Perez. The Portuguese expressed his grievances to the former Liverpool coach in front of his president, accusing him of being responsible for his ill-being at the Real. Ronaldo argues that his relationship with his coach is impossible and precipitated his desire to start.. According to him, Benitez does not highlight it, citing in particular the press conference during which Benitez had dared to assert that CR7 was not the best player in the world.

But CR7 also worries about the future of his club. He told Florentino Perez that with Benitez it was impossible for Real Madrid to win great titles, that his system failed, and that his team was lost. Cristiano Roanldo has never been so clear with his president, who now fears the start of his nugget. All the more what courtesans are numerous and powerful in the image of Chelsea who can put 100 million on the table and the PSG, which prepares the departure of Ibrahimovic to leave the place to Ronaldo. While a return from Mourinho to real A was evoked, he is not even sure that a departure from Benitez can convince Ronaldo to stay at the real. Do you think the recruitment of Benitez was a mistake?

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