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Cristiano Ronaldo at PSG when he will be less strong?

If the PSG dreams of Cristiano Ronaldo, he will be able to have it when he will no longer be one of the best players in the world. Politics of Real obliges …

We talked about it a few days ago, the PSG may be free to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, being freed from the constraints of Financial fair play. Only here, convincing the Casa Blanca to sell the best scorer in its history is the Mission impossible. Under contract until 2018, the Portuguese international has a discharge clause of one billion euros … The Parisian attempt with an offer of 125 million euros was obviously futile. Yet, on the side of the socio Madrid, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo would not seem so surprising as this but it will have to be no longer one of the best players on the planet: “The Real will only let Cristiano Ronaldo leave if he is no longer at 100%.” Because, when he is no longer at the top of his form, he will not be able to play for Real. “And he won’t be more in another team.” says Gerardo Torres Tocino Perez, president of the Gran Familia.

The supporter Madrid argues notably that Cristiano Ronaldo is closer to the end of his career and that his value could fall in the coming seasons: “Cristiano Ronaldo has played years and years at the highest level with Real.” But after 30 years, it’s always harder for a player because he’s done a lot of work and took a lot of hits throughout his career. As of 30 years, this career is becoming more and more short. “Even for Cristiano Ronaldo.” Only here, for him, CR7 will not be as formidable as before: “If he is to go from Real, at present, there is a great deal of chance for PSG.” This is the biggest football star, it generates a lot of money and this is what Paris is looking for. But I don’t think he can win big titles at the PSG. “I wouldn’t see him winning the Champions league with Paris.” A Good listener … By the way, Cristiano Ronaldo talks about his rivalry with Messi. Will Cristiano Ronaldo wear the colors of PSG,

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