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Cristiano Ronaldo almost returned to Manchester United according to Evra

In a long interview given to the Sunday Times, Patrice Evra spoke a lot about Manchester United, and a Cristiano Ronaldo who was not far from coming back …

A little over a year after his departure from Manchester United, Patrice Evra is still attached to his former club, whose fate was long linked to that of Sir Alex Ferguson. In an interview published today in the Sunday Times, the French international gives us some revelations about his relationship with his former coach, who had, in particular, certified that Cristiano Ronaldo, who assumes his arrogance, was close to making his return. In fact, according to Patrice Evra, two weeks before the announcement of his retirement in the summer of 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson had announced to his captain the imminent return of Old Trafford’s former favourite.
Two weeks before the announcement of his retirement, Ferguson told me: “I will stay for another five years” (…) He was looking for younger players, he wanted to renew the workforce. He even told me that Cristiano Ronaldo would go back to 99%. I thought, “Wow!” “We are ready to bounce and win a new Champions league.” Spoke Evra. A revelation that makes us understand that sometimes football is played little behind the scenes because the following season, Manchester United Dark at the 7th Premier League while Cristiano Ronaldo, supported by rookie Gareth Bale, raises the Decima with Real Madrid … In addition, the MTP would be free to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo. Will Cristiano Ronaldo ever return to Manchester United?

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