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Cristiano Ronaldo: Records, Gold Ball, his goals for the Champions League final

For Cristiano Ronaldo The final of the Champions League tonight represents a huge challenge. On a collective level, but even more on the personal level.

Throughout the week the Madrid supporters held their breath. Will Cristiano be ready for the final? The answer is YES! The one who followed a personalized training “demonstrated that he was in full possession of his means” wrote Sport. The Portuguese is on top and he showed it in exercises of speed and rhythm changes on the lawn of San Siro. Physically so, no worries. Mentally neither. According to Don Balon, CR7 has confided in his relatives by assuring them that he will do the utmost. Cristiano wants to silence his critics who doubt his physical abilities. Tonight, Ronaldo knows he can score the story. His first goal is obviously to win the Champions League final, the 11th of the club and his 3rd on a personal level. But that’s not all.

Cristiano knows that by winning the Champions League, he will have a very high chance of catching his 4th gold ball in the passage. Scalded by his failure in the gold shoe race, cricket wants to take his revenge on the Catalans, and this obviously goes through the big ears cut. Also, by scoring at least two goals tonight, Cristiano would be beating his own scoring score in a championship league season set in 2014 thanks to his 17 achievements. By the way, the BBC can also beat its own record of goals scored in one season. In short, a Champions League final with multiple stakes. Do you think CR7 will be the key man for the game tonight?

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