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Cristiano Ronaldo: “I knew I was going to score the goal of victory”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos expressed themselves just after the victory of Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

At the end of the night Milanese, Cristiano Ronaldo sent the merengue people to the seventh heaven thanks to his victorious goal shot, synonymous with the eleventh Champions League for the great Real. After a finale not Folichonne, Portuguese assures that he predicted this goal: “I had a vision, I saw that I was going to score the goal of victory.” To consider a conversion into Madame Irma. CR7 is proud of his teammates who gave everything for victory: The team was very good, she sacrificed a lot. It is a huge joy to win again the Champions League with all the Madrid alongside the team. ยป. Finally, cricket dedicated his third cup to the big ears “to the supporters of Real Madrid, to friends and to my family.” Cristiano Ronaldo was not brilliant yesterday. On the contrary, it was almost transparent. But fortunately for him, the history of football will only remember this shot to the goal of victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not fulfilled all his goals around this final, but that does not hold, he won the trophy, and this is the most important. Cricket also held to pay tribute to Zidane: Zidane did a phenomenal job he deserves. He is humble and I am very happy for him. “US too!” Sergio Ramos, capable of the best as well as the worst, also expressed himself after this victory: “We knew we had an opportunity to make history after a season with a lot of ups and downs.” The captain of the Casa Blanca also slipped one for his opponents of the evening: “They made a huge match, they must be congratulated for the season they did.” Not sure the Colchoneros congratulate Ramos for his bombing on Carrasco for which he should have seen red. Do you think Real deserves his victory?

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