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Cristiano Ronaldo: His little tackle at FC Barcelona!

Questioned by the Sexta a few days from the final of the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo sent a small tackle slipped to rival Barcelonais …

Cristiano Ronaldo will try to beat a record at the final of the Champions League Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid this Saturday. His performance will obviously be scrutinized with great attention by the observers … CR7, returning from injury and which will obviously be the number one offensive weapon of Real Madrid, was questioned by the Sexta on the possibility of winning the 11th Champions League in the history of the Madrid Club. After asserting that the Liga-Spanish Cup of Barça had “absolutely not annoyed” him, he slipped a small tackle at the club Barcelona by lowering his performances this season …

According to Cristiano Ronaldo, who wants to end up in Real Madrid, his club would succeed a much better season than FC Barcelona if the club merengue managed to win the Champions league. And it doesn’t matter if the Catalan club has passed the national double this year. “If we win the Champions League, it will be much stronger than a double … or even a triplet,” he said to the Sexta. Basically, according to the Portuguese, Real will have succeeded a much better season than Barca if the Madrid club wins the C1. By the way, he said during this interview to the Sexta that it was “impossible” that his son be a fan of FC Barcelona … Do you agree with Cristiano Ronaldo? Would a Real victory in the LDC be stronger than Barca’s doubled?

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