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Champions League 2016: Real Madrid vs Atletico final tonight, the big moment has arrived!

Rarely will a Madrid derby have aroused as much excitement and expectation. This evening, Real Madrid and Atlético clash in the finals of the Champions League in San Siro (Italy), and only one of these two great teams will raise the trophy …

Tonight, we should have a great time. You know, these kind of moments where everything stops, where the stakes are gripping, where adrenaline turns you on and packs you. Those kinds of moments that you can remember months, sometimes even years later. This moment is the grand finale of the Champions League, which will oppose the Real Madrid tonight to Atlético Madrid at the San Siro Stadium. AC Milan and Inter have taken possession of the premises for years, but Milan will never have as much resembled Madrid as this Saturday 28 May 2016. The Merengues and the Colchoneros invade the capital of fashion with a firm intention, clear, limpid: Add a cut to the big ears to their golden adornment.

10 Champions Leagues for Real, none for Atletico Madrid. If the story separates deeply the two clubs of the Spanish capital, this gap should be much more held on the ground tonight in San Siro. Real-Atlético is a clash between two teams that represent something different. This match, it will be Zidane against Simeone, of course, but it will be above all extraordinary individualities against a single collective, welded, which has already toppled mountains. Barca and Bayern had the appearance of an impenetrable Everest. Solid, cohesive, Atletico has always come out. Griezmann, who gave us an exclusive interview recently, was revealed at the top level, at the same time as Saul Niguez or Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco. And what about Torres, which we all said was lost for the high level and that is (almost) Rebecome El Niño? Framed by players who had already proved their worth, from Gabi to Koke by way of Diego Godin or Juanfran, they sublimated a team that plays together, fights together, and could die together.

The Real, on the other hand, has all of a great winner of the Champions League. The club of Zend had some luck in the draw to sharpen its weapons. The knives are now well sharpened: In recent weeks, Bale and Benzema have proved every weekend that they can make a difference at any time. And obviously, when you can count on a leader of the class of Cristiano Ronaldo, it inevitably changes the gives … If he sent a small tackle to FC Barcelona outside the grounds, Cristiano Ronaldo remains an extraordinary player on the meadow. It is from these fuoriclasse that transform closed encounters into dream matches, simple gestures into works of art, easy goals in intense emotions. Tonight, the hearts of millions of football fans will stop beating, and ours too. The palpitations, they may be a little stronger than usual in the Corazón des 22 Madrid which will tread the lawn of the Stade Giuseppe Meazza. Milan will be transformed into the Spanish arena the space of an evening, and between the grinta of the makers and the individualities of the Casa Blanca, one is anxious to see how this dream of one evening will end. Who will you support tonight for this grand finale?

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