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Champions League 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Griezmann

Tonight the match in the match between Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann. The opportunity to return to the stats of the two cracks.

Duel of stars Tonight under the stars of Milan. San Siro will be the Real Madrid-Atlético Madrid Shock Theatre in the Champions League final. This match is also the clash between two crack, two monsters, two numbers 7, Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann. AS did a thorough comparison between the two men. First finding, it was Griezmann who played the most matches, 53 for him against 47 for cricket. But in terms of goals, it is without surprise the Portuguese that dominates with its 51 goals, far before the French and its 32 goals. But for his defense, Tetteh scored 2 penalties while cricket put eight. Decisive pass level it is still the merengue that leads the dance thanks to its 15 passes, while the Colchonero has issued 6 Caviars to its partners. No jealous side faults suffered, the opposing defenders reserved the same treatment to the two men with 54 faults suffered for Ronaldo against 52 for Griezmann.

If CR7 scored 19 more goals than AG 7, it is the French international that is the most effective. We know that Portuguese is pulling everything, whereas French applies a little more. Result: 38% efficiency for the first one that shot 134 times to the goal, compared with 47% efficiency for the second that counts 68 shots framed. Finally, Cristiano who hopes to win the Golden Ball marks the majority of his goals of the right foot (31), while Griezmann scored 24 goals from the left. From the head, Ronaldo scored nine times while Griezmann only found the bottom of the Nets 5 times. Here we have all the stats in hand to appreciate even better the duel between the two stars who may find themselves in the Euro, who knows. Tonight Cristiano Ronaldo could win his third Champions League, while in case of victory, Griezmann would raise his first cut to the big ears. Who is your favorite between CR7 and AG7?

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