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Will Cristiano Ronaldo miss the beginning of the season?

Zidane expressed serious doubts about Cristiano Ronaldo’s participation in the first championship game. Portuguese needs more time to get back to the top.

Last week we were talking about the Cristiano Ronaldo package for the European Supercup on August 9th. Not yet at the top after his injury in the final of the Euro, Ronaldo had entrusted to journalists present for the inauguration of his hotel that he would resume training on August 10. But despite his optimism, CR7 could miss the start of the championship with Real Madrid. It is in any case what Zidane fears: “Cristiano is a package for the European Supercup.” For the first game of Liga, we’ll see. His injury requires a month (healing, ed) and then he has to prepare, because we’re not going to play it after a month without doing anything. Between the supercut and the first Liga match there will be ten days left. That doesn’t sound like much. “We’ll see, he’ll be with us but I don’t think he will be for the first game.”
The bugger knows that it will be a hassle to prevent him from playing this first game, but he also knows that the risk of relapse exists for the 31-year-old player who has been dragging his lesion since the end of April. Ronaldo had hidden it from ZZ, which had made things worse. But the Real coach must also handle the Benzema case. The Frenchman is always annoyed by pains in the hip and back, and will miss the encounter with Chelsea: “Tomorrow (Saturday Night, ed.) He won’t play.” His pains don’t go away. He’s better and I hope he can play a little at the third game. “It’s important that he plays a little before the European Supercup.” It is a start of the season galley for the band at ZZ which must, in addition to managing the wounds, think of the mercato which is slow to start on the side of Santiago-Bernabéu. Do you think Real can happen without Ronaldo at the beginning of the season?

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