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Why Cristiano will never Ronaldo

To celebrate the 40 years of Ronaldo, we wanted to answer the question that everyone no longer arises: why CR7 will never be Ronaldo?

Ronaldo. a name. Or rather a nickname in reality. In Portuguese, it means “the one who sings life.” And in the football world, you have to believe that there are several. From R9 to CR7 through Ronaldinho (which can be translated as “little Ronaldo”), they all have one point in common, they have talent. But by dint of wanting to compare them, we wanted to express once and for all our opinion: No, Cristiano will never Ronaldo! Even if the Portuguese can boast of having (already) won more gold balloons than the Brazilian (3-2), one cannot help but recognize that the talent of “Fenomeno” did not know the career he deserved. His serious injuries to his knees did not prevent him from winning two World Cups and (almost) all European Cups in the club (among others). If its real date of birth remains blurred (its Wikipedia page announces on 18 and 22 September 1976 and its Facebook page on September 22nd …) (1977), one thing is certain, R9 is above!
Because it can switch from Barca to Real and Inter to AC Milan. Easy!
Because he has some idea of the style …
Always the style.
Because he looks like Monsieur-all-the-world.

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