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Real Madrid: Why the club was not respected in FIFA and PES

The Merengue worshippers must have a lot on their hearts. Whether in FIFA 17 or PES 2017, the virtual red carpet was not unrolled for Real Madrid. Vision of Horror.

There are those who take Real Madrid in the football simulations, and those who face it. By extension, two categories of players are constantly fried over the years. Whatever the deductible. And it is a fact, on the vintage 2017, it is strangely the faithful of the Casa Blanca who are aggrieved. Not on all planes, of course, but in some aspects that squarely disturb the purists. Konami and EA Sports did not honor the stature of the club dear to Cristiano Ronaldo as it should. The evidence with these images that can shock the foot.
In the stream of licenses lost by the Japanese publisher in his famous game (Bayern Munich, Juventus, FC Porto …), Real Madrid also sank. He became MD White. A club name to be cold in the back, and whose jersey old-fashioned even more this choice. On the contrary, everything has been planned for the aficionados of Barça in this PES 2017, with a beautiful partnership that includes all the pack: stadium, bikini, graphics that slam and everything that moves. And in FIFA 17? Again, respect disappears little by little. Like the efforts of EA developers. Look at the face of Zinédine Zidane (pictured above), and weep, you, Real supporters.

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