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Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo shortens his vacation!

The Real Madrid workforce is filling up slowly and Cristiano Ronaldo has even shortened his vacation to integrate the group more quickly.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not one of the players chosen to fight the European Supercup with Real Madrid against FC Sevilla this Saturday August 9th, but the Portuguese is already back in the Spanish capital, according to the sports daily Marca! In the image of Lionel Messi, who had shortened his holiday for a week, CR7 made as many as three days (ah, they are really inseparable these two …). Knee injury since the final of the Euro 2016 (you know, this game where Eder scored a goal?) (yes, Eder …), the star of Real did not want to take risks by accelerating its recovery and always heals. So it will not be moving to Norway where Zinédine Zidane decided to lead his son Luca in the group (thanks Papa!).

In recent days, Cristiano Ronaldo has not been spared by critics. First those of José Mourinho, who degalvanised him explaining that he had not brought anything from the sidelines in the last minutes of the final France-Portugal. Then those of actress Elena Anaya, who did not hesitate to call it “harmful figure” … Does he really deserve all this, cricket? In any case, he seems to take it well because he even allowed to respond astutely to Mourinho by posting a subtle tweet. When we have just won the Champions League and the Euro, we can (almost) all afford not?

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