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Paul Pogba below CR7 and Messi for a former blue

Despite his record transfer to Manchester United this summer, Paul Pogba cannot claim to be at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi for a former French international.

What is Paul Pogba in the players ‘ hierarchy? According to the amount of its transfer from Juventus Turin to Manchester United (110 million euros), it is the largest … Yes, but the dough doesn’t mean anything. If MU is willing to put as much for French, that’s his problem. Without denying the talent of Pogboom, one can still hardly imagine that it is above Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi for example. It must be said that these two monsters are untransferable so we cannot really compare them to French on the financial level. For Patrick Vieira, it is not necessary to place Pogba at their level, as he explained during an interview for the Daily Mirror: “I read something interesting on the part of Mourinho, as what he (Pogba, ed.) will win as much as Messi or Ronaldo.” If people expect him to score 40 goals in a season, this will not be the case. “But he can make a difference with his physique and his technical skill.”
Ah this Mourinho, always ready to add him! Maybe he should listen to the advice of the current manager of New York City FC: “He (Pogba) will have to find the right balance because if he thinks he’ll win matches on his own, it’s a big mistake.” If he tries to do something he can’t do, it’s a big mistake too. “He must not try to play as someone else.” Uncle Patrick knows what he is talking about when he approaches the subject of the Premier League, and he warns his compatriot: “” I am a big fan of Pogba, I think it is a fantastic player, there is no doubt, but I believe the Premier League is different and there will be a big pressure on his shoulders because of the price of his transfer and expectations. ” If Paulo takes the melon, he knows where to turn to give him the ideas in place …

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