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Lionel Messi: Why he can still dream of the Golden Ball

Can the next Golden Ball still escape Cristiano Ronaldo? Lionel Messi believes in his chances and he’s right, the proof!

You bet it’s not played yet? Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo just won the Champions League and the Euro, but he was not decisive on the two finals (he was also released on injury during the second, virtually without having played). So we say that everything is still open for the next Golden Ball. And since the voters for the election of the prestigious trophy have only known two players for eight years, Lionel Messi surely has his chance again. Of course, we see you coming up with all your arguments in favor of CR7, which should soon extend to Real Madrid. But football sometimes surprises us! And the next few months could be rich in twists and turns. We tried to read the future and list all the events that could allow Leo to raise a sixth gold ball in January 2017.
-It crashes 50 goals between August and December 2016 (with Leo everything is possible OK?)
-he mystifies the whole team of Real Madrid and recorded a historical fivefold at the next Clasico.
-The Spanish federation retrogrades the Real Madrid for having aligned three players suspended on the 13th day of Liga. # Cheryshev
-As a coup, Barca is the champion of Spain in the month of December.
-Cristiano Ronaldo never recovers from his knee injury and must declare forfeit for the rest of the year. # MerciPayet
-UEFA authorizes the retroactive video and invalidates Ramos’s offside goal in the Champions League final.  L’Atlético is declared a winner.
-Portugal recognises that its victory at the Euro 2016 was not deserved and UEFA withdraws the trophy (from the coup CR7 did not win the euro, you follow?)
-Three Chilean players are tested positive for EPO and the CONMEBOL withdraws to Chile the Copa America to award it to Argentina (without asking Messi to withdraw his shot to the goal).
-The penalties marked by Luis Suarez that Messi let him shoot are counted for the Argentine. So he finishes the year with 120 goals, new record!
-A Spanish law is passed to value the King’s Cup, which becomes the equal of the C1.
-Good OK, Messi will not be the next Golden Ball!

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