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Liga: Does Omar da Fonseca know his classics?

While La Liga resumed this weekend (19-22 August), our team met the voice of Spanish football on BeIN SPORTS, Omar da Fonseca. Find his interview excluded!

When we meet Omar da Fonseca, it’s a bit like we’re going to see a play. The cult consultant football for the Spanish championship on BeIN SPORTS, associated with Benjamin Da Silva to the comments, is preparing to live a new season on the lawns of Spain to make you live the biggest matches. And to live them, he lives them well matches! Always ready to take out the sentence that kills (“He made love to her without foreplay”) or to show any relative objectivity (we do not touch Lionel Messi and the Argentines OK?)), Omar does not miss one to make us vibrate. Because he likes to give precise images of what he comments, he does not hesitate to let go live to better live every moment.
So we took advantage of the revival of La Liga this weekend (19-22 August) on BeIN SPORTS to challenge him, to respond to our special quiz on the Spanish championship. In his still very emblematic style, he could not help but do the show, while spreading his great knowledge football. And yes, it is also that Omar da Fonseca, a serious enthusiast who does not take himself seriously. Promised, we did not speak only of Messi and Argentina (good, a bit still) … And this is only the first of the videos with him that you will be offered on Melty. Because we had other ideas to have fun with Omar. You’ll know a little more next week, but in the meantime, you want to know his score? 

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