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Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo find each other

Jennifer Lopez’s concert brought together known heads! including Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo, who share a torrid past …

Kim Kardashian celebrated Jennifer Lopez’s birthday! The Bomba Latina celebrated its 47 years (yes one knows, hard to believe) with a fiery performance, and for the occasion many stars have made the move. and Kim Kardashian found herself nose to nose with … Cristiano Ronaldo! If the two celebrities were more or less ignored during the evening, yet they know each other. They know each other very well, since according to the Daily Mail, they would have had a brief link in 2010! Cristiano Ronaldo had brought Kim Kardashian to his hotel in Spain for several days, and they had been surprised pasted-tight in a Madrid club.
A romance that did not leave them an imperishable memory, judging by their attitude at the concert of J. Lo! But Kim Kardashian still had a blast admiring her ultimate idol. As she has repeatedly confided in an interview, Kanye West’s wife is an unconditional fan of Jennifer Lopez, whose advantageous physique has directly inspired her cosmetic surgery operations for an XXL buttock. Since KIm Kardashian, who has inspired a movie for a totally WTF reason, has itself become a full-fledged star … What do you think of Kim?

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