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Kendall Jenner as Kim Kardashian tries to cram it with Ronaldo!

Kim Kardashian has an idea in mind: Cram footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with his little sister Kendall Jenner … What if it worked?

On the occasion of the 47 years of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian spent an evening with the star, but also with other celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo. The opportunity for the footballer and the reality TV star to meet and chat a little, which would have given some ideas to Kim K. What if this handsome, rich, talented footballer integrated the Kardashian-Jenner family? Kanye West’s wife would have the idea of introducing Ronaldo to his little sister, Kendall Jenner! “Kim was impressed by the way Cristiano behaved in a polite and gentle way at the J-Lo concert,” says a source at HollywoodLife. And indeed, no question of presenting a CAD to the sweet Kendall Jenner, yet in a relationship with Jordan Clarkson.
“She thinks he’s a real nice guy, not to mention the fact that he’s incredibly handsome and charming.” Kim feels that it would be perfect for Kendall … “That they fit perfectly,” adds the same source, always for HollywoodLife. “She would like these two to meet to see if it works.” But what a cupid this Kim Kardashian! But his plan could work … Especially as Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed not insensitive to the charms of Kendall Jenner. The footballer has like several photos of the Belle on Instagram a few months ago. A relentlessness that has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the most attentive fans! So, will Kim be able to persuade Kendall to give the beautiful kid a chance? What do you think of this eventuality?

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