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Has Cristiano Ronaldo ever extended his contract to Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo would have already extended his contract with Real Madrid according to an indiscretion of one of his closest friends.

Failing to see new heads, the supporters of the Real should see that of Cristiano Ronaldo still long. According to his friend, the UFC fighter Conor McGregor, Cristiano would have already extended his contract to Real Madrid. To believe McGregor, it was CR7 himself who would have made him this little confession which was not officially confirmed. So McGregor has surely ruined a plan of COM ‘ well lapped … But no panic, given the beast, no one should risk to make any remark if not to send him a great “thank you”. The current contract of Cristiano Ronaldo expires in June 2018. Its new lease to Real which, as as as, should be made public this month, should link it to the Madrid club until 2020 or 2021. At the end of his new contract, the Portuguese will have reached the 35 or 36 years. Too old for Real? Not for cricket, anyway. Discover here the message of Cristiano Ronaldo to the guests of his hotel.

On June 4, the former Manchester United player had entrusted his plans for the future to as: “I will retire in Madrid at more than 40 years.” “I am very happy here and I work hard to achieve this goal.” Not sure that his body will hold until then and especially that Florentino Pérez agrees to keep a grandpa on his team while he has so much procrastinated before extending his contract. But hey, we know the cricket, he thinks he’s invincible, impervious to age, wounds and butterflies. He’s already been hit by the last two. Remains the age that has not yet altered the completely insane physical abilities of CR7, which resumed training earlier than expected. Do you think it is a good idea to extend Ronaldo’s contract?

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