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FIFA 17: The notes of Real Madrid and Ronaldo unveiled?

Cristiano Ronaldo and his companions of Real Madrid will respond very soon to the call of the round ball on FIFA 17. What will be the notes of the Bavarian? The editor makes you discover the provisional in this article.

Managed by the iconic, the Real Madrid will ensure its presence in the next mill signed EA Sports, namely FIFA 17. Like the potential scores of Manchester United players on FIFA 17, the members of the Spanish club will benefit from high-stolen stats, some of them having even vastly superior ones. It is through the product-reviews site that the Gaming stories with Coca-Cola has been able to reach its first predictions, which say a lot about the potential of Bavarian. Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates are given high flight notes and the latter are to be discovered through the list at the bottom of this article. It is more than to cross your fingers so that EA Sports does not modify them by the official release of the soft, fixed remember it at 29 September 2016. What do you think about these notes?

Real Madrid-Potential notes from the players on FIFA 17

Keylor Navas-84
Raphael Varan-82
Danilo Ruiz Da Silva-80
Sergio Ramos-87
Daniel Carvajal-83
Lucas Vazquez-79
Luka Modric-88
Tony Kroos-88
James Rodriguez-86
Gareth Bale-89
Alvaro Morata-81
Karim Benzema-87
Cristiano Ronaldo-94

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