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FIFA 17: Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi … The ratings of the top 3 players are leaking!

The top 3 of the best FIFA 17 players has just been unveiled, and as you might expect, there is a big level!

We’ve been waiting for a few days, and now it’s done! This year, Electronic Arts decided to create the suspense by unveiling the ranking of the best players of the season. After revealing the beginning of the top 10 of the best FIFA 17 players not long ago, the whole editor of Coca-Cola Gaming stories offers you to discover the final podium of the best players of this season. As you would expect, there is a big level in the program, with three heavyweights of football: Neymar in third position, with 92 points, Messi in second position with 93 points, and finally the champion all categories, the legend Ronaldo, which culminates at 94 points, and remains unmatched for this season. A podium awaited, but that still remains particularly the same.
You will have understood, the ranking is now complete, since the top 20 of the best FIFA 17 players that you were unveiled last week, up to the three biggest rookies of the season, who already promise to send a very very heavy. As you have probably noticed, several FIFA 17 players have changed notes since last year. If Neymar wins + 2 in the general ranking, Messi on the other hand finds a slight drop in his stats, even if he remains the second best player of the title, which is not nothing! Ronaldo first, a logical rite when we know the course of the player on this year 2015/2016. The rumors would also want him to be the one holding the next Golden Ball. To view the full ranking of FIFA 17 players, do not hesitate to go for a tour on the official website of the title! In your opinion, which players would have deserved to appear on Top 3?

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