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FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi equalled by Luis Suarez

Scorer this weekend, Luis Suarez joined Lionel Messi as the top scorer of the year 2016. Before you overtake him?

There is not only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in football. The proof with this impressive stat that proves that Luis Suarez has more than well followed the two monsters of the round ball in 2016. By registering Barca’s first goal on the lawn of sporting Gijón this weekend (5-0) in La Liga, the Uruguayan simply joined the Argentine as the top scorer of the year 2016. Since 1 January, they therefore totaled 43 goals, followed by the 34 pawns of CR7. Of course, all competitions were taken into account to obtain this stratospheric total.
It will be clarified that Suarez has the fangs well sharpened since it shows a better ratio. It finds the path of the nets every 79 minutes on average, when the Argentine manages it every 95 minutes. Cristiano Ronaldo follows him closely with a goal recorded every 98 minutes on the year 2016. Wounded for at least five matches still (with Barca and Argentine selection), Messi, whose recovery plan was unveiled, should therefore see the cannibal Suarez take his flight to this ranking. What to give the voters a hard time for the next Golden Ball? Do you think Suarez deserves the golden ball?

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