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Euro 2016: “Portugal is a favorite, Cristiano Ronaldo can wear it to the title” according to Brahimi

We met Yacine Brahimi on the sidelines of her presence at the Nike Palace of Speed, at the Palais de Tokyo. The talented Algerian game leader of FC Porto gave us his opinion on the national team of Portugal, and on his starring Cristiano Ronaldo …

The Euro 2016 continues to beat its full! Last night Italy came to the end of Belgium (2-0), while Spain began its tournament with a narrow victory (1-0) against the Czech Republic. No time to blow that Portugal is already in the running tonight in front of Iceland (21 h) … If Icelanders have shown a great deal of qualifications, Fernando Santos ‘ men are a priori favored by this confrontation. We met the excellent Yacine Brahimi, former player of Rennes and Granada and today one of the best players of FC Porto (Portugal) and the national team of Algeria. Filled with good vibes, Yacine Brahimi was very cool when answering our questions on the side of the impressive palace of Speed of Nike! We took advantage of this meeting to ask her for his lights on the Portuguese Selecao … Will it support Lusitanians during the Euro?

“A little …” Of course, a little bit! “I have friends who play in Portuguese selection”, we first unsurprisingly let the FC Porto player, 3rd in the last Liga Sagres. “For me, Portugal is a favorite, or at least a very very important outsider!” Sincerely, I see Portugal going very far, like France, Germany or Spain! These are nations that can win this European Championship, even if there can be surprises like every time. And we must not forget Belgium! Each team has one, two or three stars that can make a difference … Who is going to be the star of the Euro between Pogba and Cristiano Ronaldo? Pogba is a great player. But Ronaldo, it’s another dimension, it’s been 15 years that he is at the top … Cristiano Ronaldo can bring his team to victory! Today I think he is the most awaited player of the Euro, in the light of his record, of his gold ball! “.” We entrusted the native of Paris, happy to return to his land. Yacine Brahimi will be the wise observer of a Euro 2016 who is far from having delivered his verdict … If you have not yet discovered it, go quickly to visit the Nike Palais of Speed, where we interviewed Okocha about the dazzling form of Dimitri Pam. Do you think that Portugal can win the Euro 2016?

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