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Euro 2016: France vs Portugal, the questions that are still posed

All French supporters agree with the fact that the outcome of the Euro 2016 final was cruel. As a matter of time, they still ask a lot of questions about the game scenario.

A little has been heard since the end of the Euro 2016 and the coronation of Portugal against France (1-0, A.P.). That the Portuguese did not deserve their victory, that they had cheated, that the French were the best, that Dimitri Pam should have been warned for his fault on Cristiano Ronaldo or even that Eder had to put himself in volleyball … We’re going to be clear, there’s no point in talking about it because it won’t change anything! Well, of course, according to his preferences, everyone has a clear idea of the ideal scenario he would have liked to see on the lawn of Stade de France. So, for once, we wanted to list all the questions that the French supporters are still asking. And even those of the Portuguese by the way! And if you want more questions, we have prepared a quiz to see if you have followed the competition.
-ever since when are there butterflies in Saint-Denis? Seriously, there were even on the cameras!
-we will have to explain the message of the tifo anyway.
-By the way, the play-back of Zara Larsson are we talking about it? Zara Larsson? But yes, the blonde who sang the anthem of the Euro next to David Guetta.
-Besides, David, if you could learn to better simulate that you mixes live because nobody believed there!
-Go easy on Ronaldo anyway Dimitri! Already that with him Portugal did not play.
-Reassure us, the family of Rui Patricio works well in the building to be as insurmountable as a wall?
-unless it is for his finger of honor that he sanctioned Koscielny.

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