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Cristiano Ronaldo: Xavi’s father mingles with the case!

After rather awkward remarks from Xavi and Cristiano Ronaldo on the other, the father of the Spaniard gave his opinion. It doesn’t end anymore …

This is a business that is growing on not much … But since they are two great players in the world of football, we have to talk about it. Remember, a few months ago, Xavi had given an interview for an Arab media in which he was talking about (playing) players ‘ intelligence. Misconstrued, his words had then created a beginning of controversy, especially when Spanish had compared Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi: “I said there were two types of speeds in football.” “The physical aspect, where both players are at the same level, and the speed of being able to link with his teammates, where Messi is superior.” Before adding to specify: “A c ** can not play football and even less be Cristiano Ronaldo.” I never talked about his intelligence as it was said. Cristiano is an extraordinary player, a period footballer. The problem he has is that there is another (Messi, editor) who is practically the best player in history.
It took no more to prick CR7 and throw it on his other favorite playground, that of the punchline! After the cardboard of Real Madrid facing Osasuna (5-2) on the 3rd day of Liga, the Portuguese had unsheathed: “No matter if Xavi talks about me.” He plays in Qatar where I don’t know where. “He won everything but not the golden ball.” That’s the truth! Ronaldo doesn’t need a lawyer and finds the arguments as a big one: “When the players, the coaches want to make the one, they talk about cries, that’s normal.” What does Xavi say to me? “Xavi plays in Qatar, it does not matter.” As a consequence, Xavi’s dad also gave his opinion on the verbal jousting of the two players, saying to a Spanish radio that his son “does not give any importance to this kind of talk.” “He will remain indifferent to provocation.” Thanks, Dad!

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