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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why he paints his toenails

On holiday at the beach, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to wear nails of freshly varnished feet. But … What for?! We dug our heads to find the answer.

We know, Cristiano Ronaldo likes to take care of him. Not the Lumberjack type all-terrain, cricket cures his appearances, whether on the ground, in the evenings or … On the beach. Still on holiday, the Portuguese appeared with nail varnish in black (a little sad for the summer certainly). Obviously, since the appearance of these photos, only one question taps the whole world: but why?! No panic, we have (perhaps) the answer. This one came from England where Cristiano spent quite a few years. According to the English press, CR7 has become accustomed to varnishing the toenails for a few years, which would make it possible, keep you well, to shorten the healing times of an injury! Well, we’re not too convinced, so we looked for more explanations.
-His new companion, the fitness teacher Cassandra Davis, asked him to wear varnished feet, it is better in the room
-it has just entered the Gothic phase
-The varnish is a butterfly repel (the poor one was traumatized on the evening of the finale)
-he dropped the Henri-Delaunay trophy on his feet (well done)
-After his hotel and airport, he is preparing to release a new varnish
-it is his mother who manages her look (and who makes her massages)
-It gets a little too much walking on the feet (thanks Ryan Giggs)
-it hit the 10 toes (ouch ouch ouch) against a piece of furniture and this is what it gives (it is like us in fact)
-this year has been so great for him that he has nothing to give a fuck about why CR7 varnishes his toenails in your opinion?

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