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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Who is the most expensive?

The CIES has just published its biannual study on the value of footballers on the market. is Cristiano worth more than Messi? Who is the first French? Find out about it here.

Barca hit the jackpot. This is confirmed by the Football Observatory of the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES). In its quarterly report, the CIES has established a ranking of the most expensive football players in the world. On this ground too, it is Messi who dominates, even if he loses ground. According to the study, the Argentine is worth 211.1 million euros in the transfer market. In second place figure Neymar which has just extended its contract to Barça with 201.5 million euros. It is Cristiano Ronaldo who comes to complete the podium, far behind with his 137.8 million euros. The first French of this ranking is Antoine Griezmann who arrives in 4th position with an estimated value of 120.2 million euros, followed by Anthony Martial right behind. Six months ago, Messi was worth 250 million euros, enough to confirm a drop in diet in this second half of the season. On the other hand, CR7 was worth 114 million and therefore saw its price rise, despite its age and a season not always easy. Last January Grizou was already the first French ranking, valued at 88, 3 million euros.
This study teaches us that the MSN, the Barca attack trio is worth gold, literally. With a value of 518 million euros (211.1 for Messi, 201.5 for Neymar and 105.8 for Suarez), the Argentine-Brazilian-Uruguayan Trident is the world’s most expensive, far ahead of its during Real Madrid, the BBC, which still worth 266 million euros. (137.8 for Cristiano, 80.8 for Bale and 47.7 for Benzema). If Cristiano is not the most expensive sportsman on the market, it is at least the best paid. It should be noted that, according to this ranking, the most expensive player in Ligue 1 is the Brazilian Lucas Moura whose value is estimated at 42.5 million euros, far ahead of Angel Di Maria and its 35.5 potatoes. The seasons follow but do not look alike what do you think about this ranking?

The top 10 in the ranking established by the CIES

1. Lionel Messi (211.1 million euros)
2. Neymar (201.5 million euros)
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (137.8 million euros)
4. Antoine Griezmann (120.2 million euros)
5. Anthony Martial (111.8 million euros)
6. Luis Suarez (105.8 million euros)
7. Paulo Dybala (104.5 million euros)
8. Sergio Agüero (96.8 million euros)
9. Paul Pogba (90.4 million euros)
10. Gareth Bale (80; 8 million euros)

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