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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Who is the best according to FIFA 17?

This year there will still be debate between the pro-Lionel Messi and the worshippers of Cristiano Ronaldo. Except in FIFA 17. The cult simulation of football has pulled out sharp stats.

On the virtual grounds, Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed Lionel Messi. For his new FIFA, EA Sports placed Portuguese (94 in general note) above his eternal Argentine rival (93), which had not happened since 2009. CR7 was rewarded by the American publisher for its historic 2015-2016 season punctuated by a European double (Euro 2016 with its selection, and Champions league with its Real Madrid). While an incalculable number of observers is still struggling to divide them, the famous franchise has become wet. Once again.
And it’s the players who don’t take off from the Bernabeu that are going to be served. They will be able to enjoy the future Golden Ball (yes, there we are wetting) sharpened to the possible. Gratified of a 80 in power, cricket will be (still) unbreakable. And over the unbearable market to mark. To make it short, even the best dribbler of the game in the person of Lionel Messi (96) appears frail beside (61 in physics). A little shoulder and it’s off. That the Barca fools are reassuring, the Pulga will certainly dethrone the Merengue in PES 2017 following the unpublished partnership signed between Konami and the Abutmented club.

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