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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi, Pique gives (again) his opinion!

In an interview for the Mag team, Pique lent itself to the small game of comparisons between CR7 and Messi. If he pays homage to the first, for stealing the boss it’s Leo.

Even during the Euro one likes to talk about the duel Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi. And Gerard piqued is not the last to play the little game of comparisons between the two cracks. At the same time, Catalan is the ideal guy to talk about: he played with both. With cricket first under the colors of Manchester United then alongside Messi with Barca. In a long interview for the Magazine team, Pique once again lent himself to the exercise. Accustomed to putting some well felted cleats (or not) to CR7, Pique does not dry praise on him: “Cristiano is hyper complete.” He has everything a high level football player dreams of. It is big, powerful, fast, good from the head, can mark both feet … But Messi is something else ‘ warned the old’s.

The Spanish international defender has been evolving with Messi since 2008. What does not prevent him from being always amazed by the Pulga today: “He has an innate talent.” Leo can play everywhere, like for example taking the ball to the middle of the field and putting it back up by dribbling everyone. That’s crazy. The ball sticks to his foot. There may be a centimeter between his foot and the ball, no more. In training, when I defend on him and I throw myself in a tackle, I say to myself “It’s good, this time I take it” … and he’s already gone. It’s amazing. Plus, he’s got hyper-powerful legs. Leo is the greatest player in history. Bang! Mic drop. That’s not going to please Cristiano who thinks he’s the best player of the last 20 years … Do you agree with Pique?

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