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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba gives his opinion!

Jordi Alba has embarked on the game of comparisons between Cristiano and Messi, and for him, “There is no photo!”

Real and Barca have entered the stage of friendlies this week, but the competition does not only take on the green rectangle but also in the field of remote declarations. Jordi Alba opened the ball to support Messi in the gold ball race, and took advantage of it to carve CR7 that should miss the beginning of the season: “In the end it’s like I said.” Many replacements have won a Euro, a world or a Champions League and they have not been given anything. What counts is what everyone does on the field and Leo has been better. There is no comparison as you think and as you do. There is no other player like him. The debate is still there. You have to respect Cristiano because it would be silly not to respect him, he is a great player but there is no photo. “The one who loves football will think that Leo is the best.” Jordi Alba, the tenor of the bar..
The Spanish left side did not stop in such a good way and continued to incense his Argentinian teammate: “What Leo does gives him a great dimension, […]” He is very quiet, he was given a lot of blows and he was able to react, it did not affect him at all in his performance, he shows that nothing worries him. “It’s a crack, the best in the world and it shows it every passing year.” Messi is going to need more support if he wants to win his sixth Golden Ball next January. Cristiano logically has one or two lengths in advance. Jordi Alba, who went through Valencia, took the opportunity to drag one for Barca: “I think everyone wants to come to Barcelona.” I didn’t think twice when I wasn’t there. “I was fine in Valencia but Barca is Barca.” Do you agree with Jordi Alba?

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