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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: André Gomes gives his opinion!

By signing at Barça, André Gomes will evolve alongside Leo Messi. A unique experience for one who is already teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo with Portugal.

It is official, André Gomes signed to FC Barcelona for the next five years. The Portuguese will become the only player to share the locker room with Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively in Barca and in selection. Class, right? Without surprise, Gomes was invited to share the two best players in the world. But, diplomat, Gomes wanted to play caution: “Both are super strong, it is an honor for me to be at their side.” Each with its own style. The most important is Messi and Barca because I am not in selection. “I want to enjoy with my new teammates and other crackers like Iniesta,” he confessed in press conference. Gomes, who finds himself in the midst of an old rivalry of several years, does not want to crumple anyone and just hopes to find his account: “I broke up with Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal’s selection and now I hope to do with Messi in Barcelona.” Let’s just hope that the galleys that Messi knows will not put an end to his adventure at Barca.
The Portuguese midfielder was also courted by Real Madrid, but he finally gave his preference to the club of Catalonia, both for the players and for the entity: “Messi and Iniesta are a reference in Barcelona, but the club itself was very important in my final decision.” Philosophy, mentality and how to play. It was simple to make up my mind. “At 22 I have to have A blast.” This is all we wish André Gomes who will be able, in a few weeks, to answer the question we all ask: “Is it better to play with Cristiano or with Messi?” In the meantime, we already know who sells the most swimsuits, that’s already it. Do you think André Gomes will succeed at Barca?

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