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Cristiano Ronaldo to Zidane: “You disappoint Me”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Zidane explained themselves in the dressing room after the game against Las Palmas. Find out what they said.

The case is just beginning. On Saturday night, Zinédine Zidane dared to come out Cristiano Ronaldo at the 72nd minute of the match between Las Palmas and Real Madrid. A decision that obviously did not rain on Cristiano who left the field visibly annoyed. If Zend explained that his decision was motivated by the next Tuesday meeting in Westfalenstadion against Borussia Dortmund, CR7 does not want to, he is angry with his coach. The two men explained themselves in the dressing room according to the site which reports their conversation: “” I am disappointed in you, “would have launched the Portuguese to his coach who would have played the card of appeasement:” Quiet cries, you need rest, you will play the 90 minutes against Dortmund. ” In a heavy silence, Sergio Ramos would then have launched “It’s no use to put you in this state” to his teammate who didn’t want to know and would have isolated himself in a corner of the locker room.

Zidane said it and Redit, he does not want to take any chances with Cristiano Ronaldo, which explains his recovery smoothly, only 15 days after returning to the land. A prudence that is explained not only by the state of the form of Cristiano but also by the very busy calendar of Real which, on 2 October, will have completed a series of Sep games in three weeks. But that, Cristiano doesn’t want to hear it. Even if he’s thinking about it, he’s a winner. Because between playing 90 minutes in Las Palmas and playing 90 minutes in Dortmund, the choice is not very difficult. Come on, cricket, stop sulking, think about Ben Arfa a little. He would have given everything to play 72 minutes against Las Palmas!

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