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Cristiano Ronaldo tackles Iceland, he gets tarped in return!

Cristiano Ronaldo was very disappointed after the draw of Portugal against Iceland. He criticized his opponent for his negative tactics … But Iceland’s breeder responded!

There are two things that CR7 hates above all: not winning, and being criticized. A few days ago, the coach of Iceland took on Cristiano Ronaldo, accusing him of being a “very good actor” on the ground … A spade that certainly did not appreciate the superstar of the Portuguese Selecao. He had no doubt at heart to make the difference last night against Iceland, but unfortunately Portugal was unable to impose itself, conceding a frustrating loser (1-1). If the result disappointed the star of Real Madrid, the attitude of the Icelandic team visibly irritated him even more.

After the Portugal draw against Iceland, Cristiano Ronaldo launched a tackle to his opponent from last night: “It’s hard when you’re facing a team that doesn’t try anything.” They put the bus, so it’s a little frustrating, but it doesn’t matter because there are two matches left. It’s been difficult, but we’re confident. Iceland did not try anything, they defended, defended and went out for counterattacks. They lived a lucky night! “We’re not worried.” He added a diaper: “They partied as if they had won the Euro!” It’s a little mentality. That is why they will not do anything (note: in the competition). Iceland’s coach Lars Lagerback has sheeted Cristiano Ronaldo in return: “It often happens that players and teams who expect to win and do not reject the fault on the opponent …” “But if they want to beat Iceland, they just have to play better, it’s as simple as that.” and BIM. What do you think of this little clash?

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