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Cristiano Ronaldo tackles the critics of Portugal

After qualifying for Portugal in the semi-final of the Euro, Cristiano Ronaldo went after those who criticized the selection.

Cristiano Ronaldo’m. While no one saw them doing anything in this Euro, the Portuguese qualified for the semi-finals of the competition. Ok, Portugal won no match in 90 minutes, but the result is there. And Cristiano Ronaldo who is worth less than Messi in the market of transfers does not deprive himself to tackle his critics: “Those who have not given anything for us should be silent, because we are in the semi-finals and from now on, everything is possible”. Cristiano always said, he wants to win something with Portugal, and this may be his last chance to realize his dream: “I don’t miss anything in my career, but that’s a dream for me.” I do not hide that since very small I dream to win a title with my selection and today we are very close. Before that, he will still have to go through Gareth Bale and Wales, before presenting himself at the Stade de France for the final of the Euro 2016.
Cristiano who was tackled by Sigthorsson on the course of Portugal disappoints quite a few observers and fans. He sees only the qualifier; “I always give the best.” I did not score but the goal was to qualify and we must congratulate the whole team and the coach, because we have earned the victory. He declared after the victory at the goal of the shooting against Poland. Fernando Santos and Nani also defended their triple gold ball: “Many people rely on Ronaldo, whether he scores or not, he does a big job for the team.” “He’s our captain and he’s very important to the team.” said the Portuguese coach. Nani also prefers to retain the importance of his friend on the field: “He is a very important player for the team, world size, and it can be decisive.” “We, he helps us as captain.” What do you think of the Euro of Cristiano?

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