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Cristiano Ronaldo responds to Mourinho’s tackle!

Cristiano Ronaldo responded finely to Mourinho’s attacks on his attitude during the final of the Euro 2016.

His answer will not be long. Cristiano Ronaldo replied after his dézinguage in rule signed José Mourinho himself, who accused him of having brought nothing in the final of the Euro. Unlike his compatriot, CR7 chose the subtlety to meet his former Real Madrid coach. He soberly tweeted a photo of him alongside Pepe, Bruno Alves and Fonte around the trophy Henri-Delaunay (I know, it still hurts), captioned by an evocative “little reminder”. Cristiano doesn’t seem more touched than that by Mourinho’s critics. At the same time, the one who has put Portugal at his feet can now do just about anything he wants in his country, and would even be able to be appointed as a player-coach of the selection without anyone finding fault with it. Except for the devil of Mourinho.
The Manchester United coach, who deserves a prison for a member of the FIFPro, likes to challenge his former player and put him back in his place. A few weeks ago, when asked to quote the names of the three best players in the history of football, José Mourinho had, without an eyebrow, named Messi, Maradona and Pelé, without alluding once to his compatriot. But the two are accustomed to shoot themselves in the paws and Cristiano decided to accept it with philosophy. In 2013, after receiving a new pike from José, CR7 had replied: “I have always respected all my coaches and I try to learn from them.” “As they say in my country, I don’t spit in the soup.” Decidedly, cricket is really not a good customer for clashes. What do you think of CR7 ‘s response?

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