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Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to be photographed by fans

During his vacation, Cristiano Ronaldo hired two bodyguards who had the mission to prevent his fans from taking pictures of him.

Not always easy to spend incognito on vacation when called Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if he is used to it, CR7 starts to have the cap to find himself on photos taken from afar, often blurred and not putting it in value. So he said stop! According to Vanitatis, the Real Madrid player, who spent part of his holiday in Ibiza, decided to hire two bodyguards with a very special mission. They must move away and track down the unfortunates who would risk taking a snapshot of Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo. What if the picture is already taken? It’s simple, two big arms around you are waiting patiently for you to clear the subject of the crime. Witnesses who have experienced this mishap have entrusted their “perplexity” to Vanitatis. According to the website, one of these bodyguards had to inspect in advance the places selected by “His Majesty” to have a good time, and make sure that the latter has a reserved place, sheltered from the curious. Too bad, we will not see Cristiano with nails varnished in black …

During his stay on the island, CR7 went through the restaurant “Lio” where he forbade anyone to approach his table. To be complete, he paid 10 000 euros for a reservation at the “Pacha”, where he was seen dancing with some girls and friends. The important thing is that Cristiano came back in shape and even resumed training with Real sooner than expected, three days exactly before his initial return date. CR7 is hungry and wants to put on the Real jersey as soon as possible. But he has time. Without him, his teammates did the job in European Supercup against FC Sevilla and won their first title of the season which, they hope, will be followed by many others. What do you think of Ronaldo’s decision?

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