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Cristiano Ronaldo nostalgic for the Euro 2016?

After the loser of Real Madrid against Villarreal, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a photo of the Portuguese team on his social networks. Nostalgic, cricket?

What does Cristiano Ronaldo do after a game when he goes home? Bin He remembers fond memories, as Monsieur-all-the-world. Yes, it’s like we actually CR7. One would tend to forget it when you see it at work on a football field, but the Portuguese likes the simple moments. After the loser of Real Madrid against Villarreal (1-1) in La Liga this Wednesday, during which Varae committed a nice blunder, he posted a photo (see below) of the celebrations of the Portuguese victory at the Euro 2016. It is not so much the kind of moment that everyone has lived but it proves at least that cricket does not forget communion with the Lusitanian people. In France, we tend to want to zap this final but good, we have to move as they say …
Always as sober in his messages, Cristiano Ronaldo was content with a “great Moment” (“Super Moment”, Editor’s note) to comment on this photo where we see it, microphone in hand, ranting the crowd. One is therefore tempted to say that he is nostalgic for these moments of July when the Portuguese stopped insulting Eder and took their revenge on the Euro 2004, lost at home facing Greece. Well, they will soon start insulting Eder when they realize (if it’s not already been done) that his goal was a miracle but that’s their problem. What memory do you keep from Euro 2016?

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