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Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, what superhero are they?

“Thor” is the new nickname of Ibrahimovic. We also had fun giving superhero nicknames to the best football players.

Just arrived at Manchester United, Paul Pogba has already found a nickname at Ibrahimovic. After “Big Nose”, it is the most flattering “Thor” which should stick to the skin throughout his adventure Mancunian. Pogba, who for his part is nicknamed the Pickaxe, was probably struck by the power of the Swede. Even without a hammer, Ibra makes the defenses of our planet tremble in the image of the legendary mythological warrior. We also wanted to lend ourselves to the game of assigning superhero nicknames to football players.
Messi / Captain America
Steve Rogers was a little puny little guy with a furious urge to fight for his country. Selected for a revolutionary experience, Rogers became Captain America, a super soldier with superhuman abilities. A few years later, an Argentine a little frail and mocked for his small size begins a treatment based on growth hormones. Barca gives him confidence and finances his treatment until he explodes … Lionel Messi, who will become Captain Barcelona and the best player in the history of football. But a rival wants to get in his way ..
Cristiano Ronaldo/Iron Man
Tony Stark is handsome, rich, arrogant and tenfold his physical abilities when he wears his armour to become Iron Man. Cristiano Ronaldo is handsome, rich, arrogant and tenfold his physical abilities when he shoes his cleats to become CR7. His rivalry with Messi (Captain America) will provoke a war without mercy in the football world.
Valbuena / Ant-Man
Almost invisible to the naked eye, the ant man takes advantage of his small size to sneak around, whether in town or on a football field, it is very difficult to grasp. Note that Valbuena (or Ant-Man) is also an unparalleled comedian.
Neymar / Batman
Like Batman, Neymar leads a double life. The day, Neymar is a fantastic footballer who splashes his sport with his talents with Barca’s comperes. At night, Neymar turns into a playboy who blazes and multiplies the escapades and the deviations of driving. Unfortunately for him, everyone knows that he is the same person, which is worth a lot of criticism.
Dubbed “The Cat”, Lloris is known for its unusual flexibility. If he is most of the time as quiet as a pasha, he can take out the claws when it’s not right.
Bale / Flash
We don’t see him anymore. His accelerations leave them all on the tile. But be careful, he sometimes struggles to stop and can finish his race in the billboards … And you, which player do you see as a superhero?

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