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Cristiano Ronaldo: “Lionel Messi preferred by Xavi?” It does not matter “

Cristiano Ronaldo took a tumble at Xavi, the former Barcelona preferring Lionel Messi to the Portuguese.

Bad player, Cristiano? We know perfectionist, with always this desire to be the best. It was thought less of disrespect to a legend of the round ball. But that’s what he did this Saturday. The context: Xavi, former figure (very recent) of FC Barcelona, logically stated that he preferred Messi to Ronaldo. It is obvious, however, as in politics during a campaign: all the people in the same camp publicly support their representative, whatever happens. Cristiano Ronaldo could have been happy with the victory of Real Madrid and his goal, but no, he had to react. “Yesterday we learned that the most sought-after player of the internet, it is Me”, first started CR7 to the microphone of the channel Cuatro, smoothly.

Before proceeding, more head-on: “When the players, the coaches want to do the one, they talk about cries, that’s normal.” What does Xavi say to me? Xavi plays in Qatar, it does not matter. “Xavi won everything, the world, the Euro, but he never won the Golden Ball.” The FC Barcelona institution sees a little more its honour scorned this Saturday, after the defeat at home against the promoted Alavés. To conclude, CR7 brush: “If I were president of Real Madrid, and if I had a player like me, I would extend it for at least ten years.” “I think things are going well, I’m not at all concerned, and neither is the president.” Remember that Cristiano Ronaldo is 31 years old. And you, # TeamMessi or # TeamCR7?

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