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Cristiano Ronaldo is worth 14 million more than in 2009

The time has no grip on Cristiano Ronaldo whose market value has increased by 14 million euros since his arrival at Real Madrid.

In general, more than a 25-year-old footballer gets older, the less it is in the transfer market. But the expression “generally” rarely concerns Cristiano Ronaldo, described as a bull by the physical trainer of Real Madrid. For the reference site Transfermarkt, the value of Cristiano Ronaldo has increased by 14 million euros since 2009. In clear, the one that was bought 96 million euros by Real Madrid is worth today 110, despite its 31 years, despite its more frequent injuries, despite a relative drop in diet. A finding is necessary, CR7 is always at the top. However, as the ace respite, the market value of Cristiano has lost 10% at the beginning of the season, for the simple reason that he has not participated in any game since last July 10. Note that the most expensive player according to this site is no surprise Leo Messi, whose market value is valued at 120 million euros. remains in CR7 to recover these 10% lost by coming back in force on the ground on September 10.

Florentino Pérez did not deceive himself by extending the contract of cricket. Despite its 31 years and a half (it will celebrate its 32 years on 5 February next), Cristiano is going to benefit from a nice increase for émarger to 20 million euros per season, up to 2020 or 2021. A real Tour de force for the one who wants to stay in real until the age of 41 years. For the pleasure, we will make a small reminder of the performance of Cristiano in Madrid. Since arriving in Santiago Bernabéu, the Portuguese international has scored 364 goals in 348 matches or 1.05 goal per game. Better, he found the bottom of the nets at least 50 times per season on 6 consecutive seasons, and broke the record of the number of goals scored in a single season of Champions League (17). Do you think CR7 is better than ever?

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