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Cristiano Ronaldo “is too boring” loose Van der Vaart

Cristiano Ronaldo takes Cher. The Portuguese took a lot of cleats after yesterday’s game, with a special mention for Van der Vaart and Gary Lineker.

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves no one indifferent. Neither the supporters, nor the journalists, nor his opponents, let alone his teammates. If most of those who have been around him do not dry up in praise, some still have the seum against him. This is the case of Raphael Van der Vaart, former teammate of cricket at Real spoke about his relationship with him on the chain NOS. The Dutchman does not go there by four paths: “I don’t think we could have been friends, because Ronaldo is too boring.” Bang! Statements reminiscent of those of Rio Ferdinand a few months ago. Former Manchester United captain remembers that his teammates were “screwing Cristiano” in particular because of his dress style. Yes, well, cricket doesn’t have many friends. Moreover CR7 did not make many friends on the side of Iceland after his criticisms crammed with bad faith. But he was able to recognise his responsibility after the Portugal draw against Austria on Saturday night.

But Van der Vaart has not been so bad with Cristiano. “He’s a great professional.” This is the first one that arrives on the ground and the last one who leaves him. That’s why he had such a great career. All is well that ends well and Cristiano should not hold him in rigor the next time the two men meet in La Liga, one with the Real, the other with the Seville Baetis. Gary Lineker him, is less tender with the Portuguese. After his failed match, the former English international did not private to mock: Ronaldo, no goal in 36 kicks-free in major tournaments. Gareth Bale: 2 goals in 3 free kicks in major tournaments. “Hard but fair.” It is the “best player of all time” to straighten the bar and assume its status. What do you think of these statements?

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