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Cristiano Ronaldo “is a harmful figure”

After Mourinho, it was Elena Anaya who went after Cristiano Ronaldo, accused of conveying a disastrous image in our society.

Decidedly, not a day or so almost does not pass without Cristiano Ronaldo taking for his rank. After José Mourinho who degalvanised him for his attitude during the final of the Euro 2016, it is the actress Elena Anaya (whom one could see in the beautiful “the skin that Habito”) who takes it to Cristiano. And the young woman does not go with a dead hand! In an interview for the magazine Yo Dona, she describes Ronaldo as “a false idol (which) transmits selfish values.” And the Spanish actress, rewarded by a Goya for her performance in the film Almodovar, does not stop there: “We live in a period where we exalt the harmful figures like Cristiano Ronaldo.” I wanted Portugal to win the Euro (not cool) but I made an incantation so that Cristiano did not score, and when he injured it almost relieved me. Elena Anaya then lamented the image that CR7 transmits to all her fans.
“It is a false idol because it transmits selfish values.” What’s this victory if you only celebrate it by removing your swimsuit and not kissing your teammates? “These are individualistic and materialistic values that harm society.” and Wham! Cristiano is on his own. She could also have taken out a lot of other examples such as the airport in her name, statue, hotels, double wax … In short, cricket himself offers us examples at times. Anyway, she had to Karami hear about the day when Ryan Giggs handed Cristiano Ronaldo in his place. and the principal interested in all this? He who had replied by a simple tweet to the last attacks of Mourinho will he respond in the same way to Elena Anaya? Do you agree with Elena Anaya?

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