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Cristiano Ronaldo “is the greatest sportsman of all Time”

The agent of Cristiano Ronaldo gave a hallucinating interview on his foal that he qualifies as “an example for our society”. Careful, it stings your eyes.

In the Clan Ronaldo there is no doubt. After the dillip of Cristiano himself who sees himself as the best footballer of the last 20 years, place to the other, the agent. Jorge Mendes. The Portuguese flew to the rescue of his compatriot, surrounded by the polemics after the match against Iceland, criticized for his performances and still traumatized by the Icelandic defense. Mendes gave an interview for O Jogo in which he incensed Ronaldo, his God simply. Prepare the handkerchiefs or the vomit bag, it’s gone: Cristiano is the best sportsman in the world and all the time. And if there was a price to distinguish the best person, he would also win it because he is a fantastic father and a great friend. Why not give him the title of Grand Sparrow directly? Mankind is going so much better thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo.. Anyway, we warned you.

You want some? : This is the best example for our society and for our young people. It is not only known for its footbalistiques qualities but also in terms of humanity. This is an example of determination and ambition, on and off the ground it is the best. ยป # FinDuGame. We’re not going to give Mendes a wrong. Cristiano is also known for his comedies, his bad faith, and his love for his mirror. In short, we still love our cricket and we look forward to seeing the “greatest sportsman of all Time” tonight against Austria at the Parc des Princes for his second game in the Euro 2016. Because the “best sportsman of all Time” has remained powerless against Iceland who participates in its very first Euro and whose country only has 100 professional footballers. Not sure that Mendes had the best idea with this interview that might put a greater pressure on his foal who didn’t need that. Do you agree with Mendes?

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