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Cristiano Ronaldo “is a bull” according to the physical trainer of the Real

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to impress the new physical trainer of Real Madrid, Antonio pintus.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to work hard to get back in shape. His willingness and ability to work are praised by a lot of people, and even by his physical trainer Antonio Pintus. Arrived this summer from Olympique Lyonnais, the chief torturer of the thighs, calves and other biceps was impressed by the strength of CR7. According to the Italian trainer, quoted by ABC, Cristiano is a genetic “prodigy” that only gets better. CR7, it is first of all a mental. The one to stay at the highest level everywhere, all the time, whatever the upcoming game or the time of year, it always works thoroughly. The coach Turin was overwhelmed by the ambition, confidence and attitude of the Portuguese who did everything to return to his best level. (leaving to put his health in danger but thanks to Zidane he was able to show patience). It’s simple, for Pintus, Cristiano is “a bull.”
According to ABC, Zidane, Pintus and Ronaldo would have agreed to a return to Cristiano’s competition on 10 September next in front of Osasuna. CR7 should not play more than an hour on the lawn of Pamplona, before playing more intense encounters. On September 14th, Real Madrid will tackle one of the biggest challenges of its season. The Champions League. And this will start with an appointment against Sporting Portugal, special event for Cristiano Ronaldo who will find his first club pro, his heart club. One more reason for Cristiano to show patience and redouble efforts to be at 100% on D-Day. Do you agree with Antonio Pintus?

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