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Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta … The most popular players of the Euro

To exist in the real world of football, one must exist in the virtual world of the Internet. Some players have understood it well and are real geeks. Here are the most influential of the Euro 2016.

It is well known, to be “popular” must exist in the world without limit of the Internet. And footballers don’t escape the rule. Not one of them does not have a Facebook account, Twitter or Instagram to share their daily to their fans around the world. A NukeSuite study carried out just before the Euro 2016 analyzed this phenomenon to know the most influential players in the Web bubble. In other words, who are the most addicted European football players to social networks? If one imagines easily that a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, whose son bored serious during Portugal-Croatia, or the Ibrahimovics are very followed, there are some surprises among the results. And you, which player do you follow the most?

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